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Prestigious Landis M. Stetler Memorial Award

Applications due August 31, 2023

Prestigious Landis M. Stetler Memorial Award is our most prestigious award, designated for individuals who have provided leadership to the organization at the local, state, or national/international levels over an extensive period of time. The nominee’s achievements and contributions have resulted in recognition of the Council’s commitment, leadership, and dedication to services for children and youth with exceptionalities, AND/OR have made continued and sustained contributions over their lifetime to the education of children and youth with exceptionalities. 

Apply or nominate a special educator, administrator, colleague, or outstanding advocate to be recognized. 

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Landis M. Stetler Memorial Award Recipients
2022-23 Gertrude Bien Aime
2021-22 Not awarded due to COVID-19
2020-21 Not awarded due to COVID-19
2019-20 Dr. LaSonya Moore, USF
2018-19 Cathy Costello
2017-18 Dr. Bill Heller
2016-17 Carol Dinsdale
2015-16 Dr. Donald R. DeVito
2013-14 Cindy Bania-Carter, Pinellas
Dr. Cecil D. Mercer, UF
2012-13 Kelly Grillo, Volusia County
2011-12 Ken Campbell, Gainesville
2010-11 Kathleen Moeder Christiansen
2009-10 Jonathan McIntire, Orlando
Eleanor Guezloe, Clearwater
2008-09 Marilyn Jackson-Lee, Volusia County
2007-08 Ann Nevin
2006-07 Matty Rodriguez-Walling, Miami-Dade
2005-06 Denise Gudwin, Miami-Dade
2004-05 No Winner
2003-04 Steven Palmer, Lake County
2002-03 Ronald K. Felton, Miami-Dade
2001-02 Joy Suldo, Osceola County
2000-01 Susan Avery Mitchell, Pinellas
1999-00 Mary Kay Kykes, Alachua County
1998-99 Ron Bobay, Brevard County
1997-98 Oma Pantridge, Pasco County
1996-97 Bill Delp, Sarasota County
1995-96 Diane Johnson, Leon County
1994-95 No Winner
1993-94 Ellen Bryant, Gadsden County
1992-93 Kay Young, CEES, Tallahassee
1991-92 Bob Connors, Florida DOE
1990-91 Fred Miller, Volusia County
1989-90 Jack R. Lamb, Pinellas County
Last Updated:  24 July, 2023

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